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24 Hour Emergency Assistance with Flooded Carpets

Flooded  and Wet Carpets? No problem!   


Time is critical when dealing with flooding and wet carpets, and so is experience.

It's important to understand that not all carpet cleaners have the experience or the right equipment to deal with major and minor flooding.  

With the experience, training and the correct equipment, i.e. Airmovers and Dehumidifiers, wet and flooded carpets can be dried as quickly as possible to prevent mould growth.

If your carpets are wet or have flooding and you need emergency carpet repairs, RTC Perfection Carpet Services can restore your water damaged carpet, completing all work from start to finish.

My Carpet has flooded ...

A hose has burst under the vanity ...

My dishwasher has leaked ...

The ice maker hose behind the fridge has ruptured ...

I was filling the bath and I forgot about it ...

My carpet has flooded. What do I do???


Call RTC Perfection! Our experienced and qualified technicians will advise you what to do next.


A general overview of our carpet restoration process:

  1.  We extract water from the flooded areas. 
  2.  If necessary, we will lift the carpet to remove & dispose of the damaged underlay.
  3.  We install drying equipment to prevent further damage & speed up the drying process.
  4.  Once dry, you may need new underlay and smooth edge installed.
  5.  Finally, we'll steam clean & sanitise the carpet, to return to pre-loss condition.

RTC PERFECTION will complete all work required from start to finish.


Prevention is always the better option!

If you're reading this now and don’t have a flood to contend with, you can take these preventative measures:

  • Inspect any braided flexi hoses in your home or business
  • Replace any hoses showing early warning signs of corrosion and rust spots
  • Replace all hoses every 5 to 7 years




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